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The Promised Land (On-going)

Promised Land

According to the statistic from Myanmar Government’s Anti-human trafficking team, the rate tremendously rise in Shan State, which lies border with China and Thailand. Most of the trafficking destinations are mainly China and Thailand, the second. In Shan State, smuggling and trafficking of people to China and Thailand are common. It’s hard to know how much information people have about where they are going and what they will do when they arrive, and the line between smuggling and trafficking is not clear. 

My story focuses on women trafficking from Northern Shan State to China.

Long lasting civil war in that area and lack of job opportunities in Myanmar make many young people want to go to China in the hope of a better future.

In Northern Shan state, it has been heard about young girls going missing, never returning and seen girls leaving for unknown destinations to make a living for themselves and for their whole family. They are trafficked by the neighbours or relatives by giving the incentives of good-paid job _ some ended marrying Chinese man at the age of her grandfather, some ended sexually abused at work and some still catching 22 of debt exploited by the boss at work. Going to China is seen as winning the lottery to them though_ a few make their future there but most lose more than they win.No matter how they hear the risk of human trafficking such forced marriage, sexual abuse, labor exploitation, that doesn’t stop them to go to their promised land.


The Promised Land 01

The Promised Land 01

In a small Village, Northern Shan State,Myanmar,Na Shee  27, walks her son,Daniel, along the side of the jungle. Northern Shan State borders China and a lack of job opportunities in Myanmar makes many young people want to go to China in the hope of a better future. ©Yu Yu Myint Than

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